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New Mascot Designs!

Two very talented students have created a new school mascot design idea. 

Darla Cypress

school mascot.jpg

Kristyanna Tigertail-Alicea


It's starting to smell like Christmas!

Christmas Dinner

Make sure you are checking your emails plus portals account to keep up with the latest information for the holidays of fun. 


Books for the Holidays

Bear Tales of Native American Indians
G.W. Mullins, C.L Hause


bear tales.webp

Hello Beautiful
Ann Napolitano


Included in this anthology, are a group of collected works from the well-known, to the often-forgotten tribes. The tales included within this book feature one of the most familiar animals in Native American folklore, the Bear. Often portrayed as powerful and fierce, the Bear was the strong figure in stories, as you will read in the folklore within this collection.

Who do we deserve to love and be loved by?

Drawn into the orbit of a tightknit family upon falling for Julia, the eldest of the four Padavano sisters, William Waters experiences the kind of family solidarity, affection, and sense of belonging he never had with his own dysfunctional parents. 

The Marrow Thieves
Cherie Dimaline


A young adult dystopia set in a future in which Indigenous people are hunted for the power that lives in their bone marrow — the ability to dream. 

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